About Wilskem Global Consultancy Limited

The owner of Wilskem Global Consultancy Limited has an LLB in law and a master’s degree in global criminology, and is a member of the of the British Society of Criminology. He is the driving force behind our company, which has been established in the field of law since 1991. During this time, we have gained diverse experience in many sectors and accomplished many things, including:

  • Achieving Change and Enforcing a Positive Attitude in Youths through Organising Conferences and Seminars and Offering One-to-One Counselling
  • Being Head of Security Services for the Local Government and the State
  • Carrying out a Wide Range of Practical Security Work
  • Conducting Family Seminars to Create Strong Relationships in Families in Crisis
  • Guiding People Theoretically and Practically in a Proactive Manner That Will Provide an Achievable Goal
  • Organising Group Tours for Family Seminars
  • Providing Law Support for the Local Government

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