Important Support and Rehabilitation for Youth Offenders in Middlesex

Youths often need guidance, whether it is to take them in the right direction or show them the importance of school and education. At Wilskem Global Consultancy Limited, in Ruislip, Middlesex, we offer youth support services, including youth rehabilitation for young people who have found themselves in trouble. By providing assistance and support, we want to ensure that all young people are able to achieve what they want to in life.

Rehabilitation for Offenders

It is important for youth offenders to be given support when they leave prison of a young offenders’ institution. Our counsellors are available to offer advice on any subject, from education to staying out of trouble. Each piece of advice is tailored towards reintegrating them in the community.

Helping Kids through School

Education is an important part of growing up, and without the right support, a lot of youths get lost in the system. Wilskem Global Consultancy Limited offers educational support and sound advice for students who may be struggling. We visit a variety of local colleges and educational establishments, holding one-to-one consultations with the students and providing advice tailored to each individual. For businesses that require memos, we are able to offer support and draw up the memos.

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